The intersect of Latinx Chicago culture

Chicagotería is a project that began in 2013 by illustrator and designer Grae Rosa. It is a Chicago version of Lotería, the iconic Mexican bingo game. Each illustration is based on Grae's experiences growing up Latinx in a city they hold dear to their heart. Their goal is to complete all 54 card illustrations and create a game we can all enjoy playing.

Grae Rosa (they/them) is a Chicago native raised in a Mexican/Puerto Rican household. Immersed in Latinx culture they learned to appreciate their ethnicity and understood the importance it played in cultivating their identity as a Latinx Chicagoan. Their creativity is solely inspired and nurtured by their experience in the city.

Their main focus at this time is Chicagotería but occasionally will take on freelance projects. Visit to see their other works or to inquire about collaborations.

Grae is a queer, non-binary, self-taught illustrator with a BFA in Graphic Design from UIC and a proud product of Chicago Public Schools.


Their work has been featured in Buzzfeed, Remezcla, Hoy, Chicago Tonight, and has been exhibited at the National Museum of Mexican Art and the Chicago Cultural Center.

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